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Things I am Pining Over: Our Dining Room Plans


When Max and I moved to Carmel Valley, we made the conscious decision to make do with what we had. Maybe it was the hours spent binging Marie Kondo or the amount of trips it took to drop off our Goodwill donations, but the last thing we wanted to do was accumulate more stuff. With any move, not everything transfers. Much to our disappointment, the massive oak dining table we had in Woodside was too large for our new home. 

At first, we stubbornly went without a dining table, eating meals over our white sofa. Similar to wearing white on your period, why would anyone tempt fate like that? It was obvious this was not going to cut it for the long term. So, we came up with two options. We needed to either find a new dining table, or dye our upholstery a shade of turmeric or cabernet sauvignon.

Thankfully, Vermont Farm Table agreed to partner with me and save our white sofa from the peril that is a homemade TV dinner. 

Not far from where I grew up, Jessica and Dustin Glasscoe founded Vermont Farm Table to create a gathering place for their family. Ten years later, they’ve become an approachable source for handcrafted heirloom-quality furniture, delivered with the convenience of our ever increasingly tech-focused world. 

VFT offers two distinct lines: one ready-to-ship, the other made-to-order. Although the process differs between the two, all of the tables are crafted in their Vermont workshop from solid wood that is responsibly sourced. With an array of designs to choose from, I decided it was time to draft up some mood boards.

The first option I gravitated towards was the Hunter table from VFT’s ready-to-ship line. The black hardware brings a modern look to a traditional silhouette. The end result is a unique, but also timeless, design. Having spent weeks sequestered to my coffee table, I appreciated the thought of a high-quality piece shipped out the same-day I ordered it.

Another selling factor? It comes flat packed. Now, before you start having flash backs to your last furniture building disaster, hear me out. This isn’t your hieroglyphic-translating hundred-piece-assembling why’d-we-buy-this relationship-straining flat-pack scenario. VFT’s Hunter & Gatherer line requires three straightforward steps. This means less “I’m not shouting, you’re shouting!” and more candlelit dinners (or, simply admiring your handiness from the comforts of the couch you’re no longer required to eat from). 

The second option I considered was the dairy round table, which feels like it belongs in a home designed by Amber Interiors. It’s a solid looking table and I love that the joinery is done by hand. The species of wood offered range from classic walnut to modern oxidized white-washed oak. It can be built custom to your unique specifications, meaning Max and I could make the most out of our limited square footage. We love having game nights and dinner parties so the larger the table, the bigger the cheese board. 

Which would you choose? Chime in below. You can see Vermont Farm Table’s full product line here. I can’t wait to share which one we decided on! 

This post was created in partnership with Vermont Farm Table, a small and dedicated company I am proud to work with. Thanks for supporting the brands that support me! 

Oh Hey, Monterey

Oh, Hey Monterey: We Moved!


News flash!

It’s been a little over two months since Max and I moved into our new home in Carmel Valley, CA, and if you’ve been following along on Instagram, it’s been a big change. 

We got wind that our landlord was selling our A-frame back in November. While he offered it to us before it hit the market, the $3.5 million dollar price tag was a bit above our ‘starter home’ budget. 

So, Max and I began another rental search in the *Greater* Bay Area. But, looking for a house with outdoor space meant we had to widen our perimeter if we were going to find anything. Read More

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No Signs Point to Bolinas (And Other Reasons to Visit)


All signs No signs point to Bolinas, thanks to the salty residents who regularly take them down. But don’t let that deter you from visiting this seaboard retreat. Despite being just 30 miles north of San Francisco, this little hamlet has managed to preserve its old hippie charm and stay mostly unscathed by the surrounding urban lifestyle. Bolinas is one of California’s best (un)kept secrets; complete with roadside farm stands, an honor-system bookstore, sleepy surf, and a coastline littered with beach shacks.  

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Claim to Fame A-Frame

The A-Frame’s Outdoor Living Space


It’s part-two of our outdoor reveal! This deck was made for entertaining. After Max and I moved in, we quickly got to work pulling up weeds and planting a mostly native and drought-tolerant garden. A week or so later, we found ourselves back in the weeds, pulling up bolted arugula and the stumps of basil plants the critters couldn’t resist. While we grappled with the garden, the decor came together quickly and painlessly. No green thumbs needed!

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Date Night Oversight / Good Day, SF Bay

Picnicking in Pescadero: A Loaf Story


An hour south of San Francisco, just off of Highway 1, sits a surprisingly charming oceanside town. Pescadero, population 650, has built a name for itself; surrounded by working farms, sweeping coastal views, world-renowned artichoke bread, and other culinary treats. With high praise coming from Max’s coworkers, we went for Olallieberry pie and promptly decided to make a day of it. I’ve rounded up a list of recommendations for what has to be one of the best kept secrets along California’s slow coast. This blip of a town can be experienced in under an hour or savored for an entire weekend.

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Claim to Fame A-Frame

Tour our A-Frame on Apartment Therapy


May was a whirlwind month with family visiting, deadlines passing, and all the meanwhile enduring what felt like a chronic case of the never ending, always growing to-do list. Although we still have two ficus trees to plant, a garden to weed, and emails to respond to, Max and I agree we’ve gotten our footing again. Now that it’s June, I feel motivated and ready to dive into some exciting projects that have been on the back burner for far too long. 

I thought it best to share the space we’ve grown to call home, before I get the urge to move furniture (or worse, move homes)! It feels like we’ve been living in our new house for ages when in reality it has only been seven months. But, for someone who has lived in seven cities and two countries in just the past five years, seven months is a pretty long time.

I will be revealing room by room here on my blog in the weeks to follow. In the meantime, you can get a peak at the whole house on Apartment Therapy.

Claim to Fame A-Frame / Design Outline

Planning the A-Frame’s Outdoor Space


During college I spent summers on Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts. Memorial Day was always the unofficial start to the island’s busy season. Shops opened their doors, restaurants sat alfresco, and the ferry boats were chock full of summer residents and tourists alike. Now, as Californians, Max and I are instead preparing for June gloom. While our summer weather may start a tad later than that of New England, knowing we have an outdoor space ready to go makes it worth the wait. For those overwhelmed by June’s presence, I’ve included a look into our outdoor plans, in hopes it will help you make the most of the summer months ahead!

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Good Day, SF Bay

Our Short Stint in San Francisco


It was love at first sight when Max and I toured our soon-to-be San Francisco apartment.  Located on top of Corona Heights, it had sweeping views of San Francisco and the bay. Inside, we were drawn to the natural light, the charm of the fireplace and alcoves, and the spacious square footage. Even the closet had a window and was large enough for a twin size bed.  While we only lived in the apartment for six months (more on that here), I’ll never forget the colorful sunrises we woke up to (thanks, jet lag). Or, the time Max nearly burnt the apartment down; forgetting there were pizza boxes stored in the oven. My only regret? Why, after six months, did I not hang that painting in the guest room?!

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Good Day, SF Bay

Rental Red Flags You Shouldn’t Brush Off


When Max and I considered relocating from Boston to San Francisco, we had no idea how quickly we would move. After Max landed his dream job, we flew out to tour a handful of apartments found on Zillow and Craigslist. We fell in love with the first place we saw, applied, and were accepted, contingent on passing a phone screening with the neighbors. When I look back, it is easy to see that the things we thought were insignificant, weren’t.  A few oversights turned out to be dealbreakers and we ended our lease six months later. The signs were there all along, had we just known what to look for.

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