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Ireland Part 1: Discovering The Beara Necessities with AirBnB


On a recent trip to Ireland, Max and I spent a few nights at  Bothar Bui, a historic seaside compound that overlooks Kenmare Bay on the Beara peninsula. While we hadn’t planned on traveling to the southern part of the country, the property came heavily recommended to us and we were NOT about to pass up the opportunity to soak in that tub! 

Designed by Irish architect, Robin Walker, the AirBnB is a modernist assemblage of 1700s historic farm buildings and contemporary structures that were integrated into the design the 1970’s. The designated spaces for sleeping, living, dining, and cooking feel especially charming in contrast to the popular open-concept plans of today.

The decor and styling is kept simple and timeless, much like the California-casual aesthetic. At the time of our stay, Max and I were living in San Francisco. Two months after we returned from Ireland, we broke our lease and left the city for a quieter life in the redwoods. Looking back through these photos, it’s no mystery why we felt a strong wanderlust for a slower pace!

Just look at that bath! It was heavenly. And the view:

The landscape is exactly what you expect from Ireland: lush, rolling hills and moody grey waters. The 12 acres of woodland and private shoreline make it hard to find a reason to leave. With a trip full of tourist-to-do’s planned, the days we spent at Bothar Bui felt the most authentic, thanks to the quiet nature of the property and the neighboring rural villages and fishing ports.

Max and I can’t wait to return to this sleepy fishing village; light a fire made of peat, draw a bath, and enjoy the peaceful refuge that is Bothar Bui. 

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